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Uptime is an intelligent, innovative telediagnosis system from Mercedes-Benz that monitors your vehicles health in real time. The system detects critical conditions which could lead to a breakdown, allowing for preemptive repair measures to be taken. Conditions regarding: Powertrain, Lighting systems, wheel systems, Braking systems and ex

Through Uptime, you can drastically reduce to amount of unplanned downtime across your fleet vehicles and eradicate the need for costly and timely vehicle evaluations. exhaust - gas after treatment are all detectable. The interconnectivity system detects issues and failures with these systems and alerts the fleet manager, nominated dealer or customer assistance centre dependent on the severity and needs of the vehicle. 

Uptime is included in the free 2-year repair and maintenance package offered with the purchase of every Actros, Antos or Arocs. It can also be purchased as a bolt on with any repair and maintenance contract taken out after the initial warranty period. Click  here  to download our Uptime terms and conditions. 

Setting up Uptime

In order to ensure you get the most out of Mercedes-Benz Uptime it is imperative you assign a Home Dealer and a Contact Partner. This will allow for the full range of Uptime services to be available to you and function correctly. Watch this video to make sure your Mercedes-Benz Uptime is set up correctly and start receiving the full benefits of the telediagnosis system.

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