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The Mercedes-Benz Atego takes the DNA from his larger counterparts, the Actros and Antos and compacts into a true midsized specialist vehicle. The Atego can be positioned seamlessly into a variety of industries, whether it be distribution or construction, thanks to its generous 7.5 to 16t rating and broad scope of body mounting options. 

A total of 15 different wheelbase lengths, ranging from 3020mm to 6260mm, present a huge array of bodybuilder solutions, working in conjunction with our bodybuilder partner Alloy Bodies. The Atego can be presented to you fully built to support your business requirements.

Following the form of the New Mercedes-Benz truck, the Atego is provided with a fuel-efficient four or six cylinder Euro VI engine, creating a fuel-efficient, cost-effective and economical yet powerful vehicle. 

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Powerful, reliable and economical, the new Atego is provided with the same excellent engine technologies as available across the range. Two engine options are available with seven power ratings from 115 kW (156 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp) each designed to provide high-performance abilities and low fuel consumption, the new Atego boasts a 50% fuel saving compared to its predecessor model.


A true 21stcentury vehicle, the Atego offers great performance abilities with exceptional economical drive qualities. 

Available with a choice of 6-, 8- or 9- speed transmissions and Mercedes Powershift 3, an automated transmission which ensures precise gear selection and short shift times. Select from "power" or "off road" drive modes for ideal driving dynamics.

Brake Systems

Available with a powerful engine brake, offering up to 235kW of braking power, reducing wear on the service brake or with a high-performance engine brake available on select engine variants, offering up to 300 kW of braking power for even greater safety. 
An additional 160 kW (at 80 km/h) (depending on vehicle and variation) is supplied via the Atego's permanent magnet retarder, a wear-free auxiliary brake. 


Axle variations available throughout, including both driven and non-driven front axles allowing for all wheel drive options for greater handling where required.
Front axles from 4.1 to 6.0t fitted as standard with options available depending on weight class. Rear axles range from 6.2t to 11.0t capacity, dependant on model. All steel-sprung Ategos are equipped with a rear axle guide, which reduces roll understeer

Differential locks are fitted as standard to all tipper and all-wheel-drive models.

Body Mounting Ability

Simplified for Speed and Stability

Manufactured with bodybuilding in mind, the Atego is provided from the factory with a number of pre-installation, such as side underrun guards, to help improve the speed and quality of mounting, so that you get your finished vehicle quicker than expected.

Also featured from the factory is the parameterizable special module, which enables the tailor-made programming of complex bodies and power take-offs. It also provides for perfect data processing and the exchange of information between vehicle and body.

Alloy Bodies LTD

Northside Truck and Van are proud to work in partnership with Alloy Bodies LTD. Together we provide a seamless service delivery of your preferred, fully converted vehicle straight to your front door. Discover more about of bodybuilding partner; Alloy Bodies LTD.

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Available with four cabs and three cockpit variants for a vehicle tailored to your construction or distribution needs. The S-Cab, ClassicSpace and S-Cab ClassicSpace with extended rear panel offer compact dimensions and easy access. For increased cab space, some models are available as L-Cab, ClassicSpace and L-Cab BigSpace. They offer increased storage space and seat/bunk combinations as an option.



  • ABS Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Double-synchronised decompression engine brake (only on 9.0t and above)
  • Permanent magnet retarder; wear-free auxiliary brake
  • Integrated central Bodybuilder interface
  • Stability Control Assist
  • FleetBoard® EcoSupport (only with PowerShift or Manual gearboxes)


  • High-performance engine brake
  • Parameterisable Special Module
  • Seatbelt tensioner
  • FleetBoard® 

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