Introducing the eSprinter

The eSprinter is the latest addition to the Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle family, leading the way into a larger sustainable and more efficient future.

  • Road tax exempt
  • Available in two fast charging power variants
  • Eight year or 160,000kms battery warranty
  • 96 mile range*


The eBenefits

The eSprinter is a technological advancement and builds on the legendary styling of the award wining Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, moving you and business forward in a sustainable and eco-friendly form. 


  • DC charging: The eSprinter is available in two fast charging power variants (DC 20KW - 80% charge in two hours & DC 80KW - 80% charge in 30 minutes)
  • Plans the quickest and clearest route thanks to Mercedes-Benz PRO connect. 
  • Remote cooling and heating with PRO connect


  • Eight year or 160,000kms battery warranty
  • Anti-theft protection package
  • Active Brake Assist
  • Free 24/7 breakdown recovery nationwide with MobiloVan


  • Real time battery status checks with Merecdes-Benz PRO connect
  • Theft warning alerts, geo-fencing and GPS tracking also with PRO connect



Be connected with your eSprinter

Mercedes-Benz PRO connect is integrated within the eSprinter and acts as an intelligent real-time vehicle monitoring system, allowing drivers to gain the latest information on their vehicle such as maintenance, battery life and security. All this information and more can be collected at the touch of button on your smart phone, tablet or laptop. 

But what exactly does Mercedes-Benz PRO connect offer?


Real time battery checks

Get real time live updates on the eSprinter's charge level, both when driving and while charging. You can also view the remaining range of the vehicle.


Theft warning, geo-fencing & GPS tracking

The Merecdes-Benz PRO connect app gives owners of the eSprinter the peace of mind knowing that if the vehicle is stolen, it can still be found. Warning alarms will be sent to the digital and mobile device set up to the account to warn of activity in their vehicle. Geo-fencing means that the owner or driver can set a perimeter area for the vehicle, meaning that if it is stolen, or hi-jacked at any point the vehicle wouldn't be able to leave the area set. Both real time battery checks, theft warning and geo-fencing are provided by onboard GPS tracking means you're forever connected to your vehicle making it quicker, easier less time consuming in order to recover lost or stolen eSprinters.


Remote locking 

Drivers and owners can now check the status of their eSprinter in terms of if the vehicle is locked or unlocked, which again can be checked via the app on mobile, tablet or desktop. 



We have worked closely with our Mercedes-Benz finance colleagues to provide excellent options and offers for early adopters of the eSprinter.

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