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COVID-19 update - 19/07/2021

In light of the latest government advice Northisde Truck & Van Ltd will continue to provide support for our customers during this difficult period.

We pride ourselves on working 24-hours a day, keeping our customers moving and their businesses on the road. We are an important part of the supply chain, be this in food home delivery, supporting the emergency services and keeping the construction industry on the road. We will continue to operate as a business, doing everything in our power to keep businesses moving.

As a business all seven of our depots will remain open so we can continue to provide our usual services. We will continue good practice in all areas including additional measures presently advised by the government. We would remind everyone the wearing of masks in all Northside public places is mandatory, and anyone not willing to comply with this is not welcome to any of our sites unless medically exempt.

In these tough and difficult times, we need to remain strong, brave and professional. The challenges we face over the coming weeks and months are likely to be considerable and impossible to predict, but we will be focussed on keeping our business and customers moving.

If your business has been financially affected by COVID-19 and you wish to discuss the options regarding your existing Mercedes-Benz Financial Services finance contract, please see below:

If your finance agreement is with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, they have advised that they will work directly with customers who find themselves in financial difficulty due to the current situation.

This will be on a case by case basis, so we advise that you email them directly at with the subject line ‘Covid 19’, details of your circumstance and vehicle registration(s) in the body of the text.

Unfortunately, any finance contracts are between yourself and the finance provider, so Northside are unable to confirm any decisions on their behalf.