eVito Tourer

eVito Tourer: The overview

What makes the Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer an excellent choice?

Choose the eVito Tourer for a superior experience on the road. With an impressive WLTP combined range of 217-221 miles*, this van offers the confidence to cover long distances. Accommodating up to 8 passengers and their belongings, it ensures a comfortable ride for everyone. Enjoy the added benefits of free integrated vehicle monitoring software^ and the ability to rapid charge up to 80% in just 40 minutes**, reducing downtime and keeping your business on the move. Furthermore, with service plans starting from £13.00 a month, you can maintain your vehicle cost effectively. The eVito Tourer is exempt from congestion and ULEZ charges, making it an environmentally friendly choice that saves you money. Benefit from up to 30 years of free roadside assistance***, an 8-year/160,000km battery guarantee, and a 3-year unlimited mileage vehicle warranty, assuring you of reliability and peace of mind. Make the eVito Tourer your top choice for stylish and efficient passenger transportation.

  • One model
  • Two lengths - (L2 & L3)
  • Two trimlines - (PRO & SELECT)
  • Two charging powers (AC 11kW & DC110kW)
  • Two linear speed limiters (140km/h - standard & 160km/h - optional)
  • Congestion charge exempt
  • Pay zero road tax

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eVito Tourer PRO

Mercedes-Benz eVito TOURER PRO


  • Eight metre charging cable, mode 3
  • Double co-driver seat
  • Driver & co-driver airbag
  • Multifunctional leather steering wheel
  • TEMPMATIC air conditioning
  • 17'' light alloy wheels
  • Electrically heated adjustable door mirrors
  • Tinted window glass
  • Active brake ASSIST
  • Audio 30 with DAB radio, Apple/Android car play
  • Cruise control
  • Headlight assistant
  • Rain sensor

Mercedes-Benz eVito TOURER SELECT


The eVito TOURER SELECT is equipped with all the features included with the PRO alongside the extras below

  • Armrests for passengers
  • Chrome grille
  • Chrome interior package
  • Comfort bench seat 1st & 2nd passenger row
  • Comfort drivers seat
  • Front & rear colour coded bumpers
  • Seat rail system
eVito Tourer Select

Battery & eMotor

eVito Tourer - 150kW (temporary) 70kW (long run) | 204bHP | 221 miles (PRO) 218 miles (SELECT) | Lithium Ion

For full information please download the eBrochure.

Dimensions & Payloads

Reasonable payloads, on par with the Vito, makes the eVito the perfect vehicle to deliver goods in an eco-friendly manner no matter where you find yourself.

For full information regarding dimensions and payloads, please download the eBrochure.


Stay effortlessly connected to your van with the Mercedes me app, offering FREE digital connectivity that enhances your business efficiency. With Mercedes me, you receive timely notifications, enabling you to plan maintenance and repairs well in advance, at your convenience, allowing you to focus on your business demands. Moreover, software updates can be seamlessly delivered over-the-air, saving you valuable time otherwise spent visiting a workshop.​​Access crucial information at your fingertips, such as fuel or battery levels, mileage, and locking status, all easily accessible on your smartphone. With just a glance, you can check if you have enough fuel or charge for your next job, review trip data, and monitor tire pressure. Additionally, you can effortlessly verify the locking status of the doors and remotely lock or unlock them with a simple tap.

Stay informed about your van's location with GPS tracking, enabling you to keep tabs on its whereabouts. Whether it's parked up or on the move, you can even find the quickest walking route back to your van if needed. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of Mercedes me, revolutionizing the way you manage your van and empowering your business to thrive.

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After Care

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends far beyond the purchase of your electric vehicle. With our unparalleled AfterCare support, you can trust that we'll be there for you every step of the way.

Benefit from our free MobiloVan roadside assistance, available 24/7 for up to 30 years*. Whether you face misfuelling, lost keys, road accidents, vandalism, or starting issues, our skilled technicians, equipped with genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, will promptly assist you. With an impressive 80% average roadside repair rate, you can count on getting back on the road swiftly.

Your peace of mind is further ensured with our three-year unlimited mileage vehicle warranty, applicable to both new and used vehicles. We are dedicated to keeping your business in motion at all times.

Additionally, each eVito Tourer comes with an eight-year or 160,000km battery guarantee, guaranteeing maximum performance and instilling confidence in your driving experience.

With our comprehensive and reliable support, you can confidently drive away from the showroom, knowing that we will be here to take care of you throughout your electric vehicle journey.

*The eVito Tourer range boasts an impressive WLTP electrical range in miles (km): 217 (350) - 221 (356), with electrical consumption in kWh/100 km ranging from 28.1 to 28.5. The combined CO2 emissions are recorded at 0 g/km, based on fully charged battery conditions. Please note that these figures are intended for comparability purposes only, and real-world driving may result in variations. All figures were accurate as of 01/07/2022. For real-time data, we recommend visiting the Mercedes van configurator.
**Charging times are subject to the available power at the charging location and other factors like temperature and cable type used.
***For the first 3 years, breakdown cover and roadside assistance are free and will be renewed with each service if maintained by Mercedes-Benz according to the specified service intervals. Please refer to our van breakdown cover and roadside assistance page for a comprehensive list of exclusions and product terms MobiloVan
****Terms and conditions apply. Detailed information is available on the van Warranties
^Mercedes me offers a range of digital services, available for free for an unlimited time or up to 3 years (depending on the service), to help you manage your vehicle. As of July 2022, the details were accurate, but please be aware that services may evolve over time. For inquiries regarding the availability of Mercedes me services for your specific vehicle, kindly get in touch with your preferred Dealer.