Banksey's blog - February

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Well first of all I better welcome you to the first ever Banksey’s blog, where every month I’ve decided to bring to light all the latest information from the world of electric vans and the activity within Northside Truck & Van as we move through 2021.

I’m now at the end of my second month as Group eVan & Connectivity Manager which is a new role to me and the business. Electric vehicles are quickly becoming the future of transport, and as a business we want to hit the ground running. Knowledge and expertise are pivotal to success, customer’s need guidance and reassurance as they explore the transition to electric, rest assured our team will be on hand to advise and make the switch a simple one.

It’s been a really enjoyable experience learning about our new products, and the electric market overall, one that is constantly evolving. Its only when getting hands on with our electric vans that you appreciate the technology that is integrated within the eVito’s and eSprinter really.  It’s certainly ahead of the game in my honest opinion.

We’re moving rapidly into a new age of driving where electric will supersede the diesel or petrol vehicle as you know it, this culture change whilst daunting holds many benefits such as huge savings on running costs, tax benefits plus the impact on contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

We’ve started 2021 off in the right way, all of our depots now have charging units installed, we have a selection of stock landing in the coming weeks and our customers are showing a great interest in switching to electric.

Our website has been overhauled in double quick time and we now have a dedicated page for electric vehicle information, which for me is vitally important. It gives people the chance to view everything we have on electric and digest all the important information, this will only grow overtime, with so much information out there, we want to bring it all together in one place.

We’re receiving great feedback from our customers who have taken our demonstration vehicles out on the road, and its positive to hear what they think and how the vehicle has benefitted them and their business.

As a we roll into the Spring and Summer months, we’ve planned to create some exciting and engaging content to show off the true capabilities of what each of our electric range can do. We’ll be working hard on that and from our regular marketing meetings, we have some great, unique and engaging ideas to bring to life in the coming months.

To me electric is exciting, it’s new, bright, fun and different, we want to show you and our customers exactly that in what we’ll create. The stats make for interesting reading as well, such as the average commercial vehicle does less than 62 miles a day*, something that certainly shocked me.

So to summarise, we’re excited about the future and what we have in store to bring you the best view of electric vehicles and what they can do for you and your business, so stay tuned! With restrictions being lifted over the coming weeks we can’t wait to welcome you back to our showrooms, allowing us to demonstrate to you our fantastic electric van range.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the first instalment of my blog, I’m sure the content will continue to evolve as quickly as the electric market currently is, the shift to electric is an exciting one.

Stay safe everyone! 

*Mercedes-Benz research analysed 1.6million journeys anonymously on the EQ Ready app and 96% of journeys recorded were shorter than 100 kilometres (62 miles).

Published: 26/02/2021