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Here we are – already September, nights are drawing in, sun cream’s back in the cupboard, another iPhone’s on the way and it’s time for Banksy’s Blog. I’m here to tell you the latest in eMobility and a few key things I think you need to know. 

In this month’s blog, I’m excited to share with you a new partnership with EO Charging, how quickly the charging infrastructure is growing in the UK, the continuing growth of Electric Vehicle (EV) sales against diesel and how it’s time to start thinking about specialist EV tariffs. 

One of people’s biggest reservations around electric vehicles is charging. Predominantly people are going to be charging these vehicles at a fixed location or at home, so it’s crucial now to review your current energy tariff. 

All the major providers are now starting to come to market with an electric vehicle-led tariff to encourage people to charge off-peak. A couple of examples are Octopus: and EDF Energy: I would challenge you to start thinking about how you consume energy differently to ensure that you are getting the best unit rate which fits your lifestyle.

This is a good point to tell you about Mercedes-Benz partnership with EO Charging. A forward-thinking charging specialist, which could prove a real game-changer connecting our vans with their expertise in charging. Ultimately, it will make it easier for our customers to set up their own infrastructure in their home or business.

The technology embedded in their units is cutting-edge. They can switch from a private charge point to a public point, opening up revenue opportunities putting money back in your pocket. I can hear your ears pricking up already! We are in Yorkshire, after all! It will automatically reduce the power input to the vehicle if you are using appliances such as your oven, TV, or you’re making a brew. To find out more visit

When you’re out and about there are encouraging signs with the rapid growth rate of charging points. There are now 44,145 connectors live across the UK, according to ZapMap, meaning you’re covered, with more than 500 switched on in the last 30 days. This number continues to grow month-on-month, and the likelihood is it will soon reach the 50,000 mark.

We’re continuing to see an upward trend of people adopting electric vehicles and these stats from SMMT back this up. The registrations of EV compared to petrol and diesel vehicles show an increase of 117.4% over 2020 year-to-date. Diesel vehicle sales are down by 31.1%, although this includes other factors which would contribute to this figure. There’s a clear swing in people’s buying habits which feels like we’re reaching a tipping point. This is significant for a greener future…maybe there’s some traction coming from the media in which we all consume daily. 

By the way, the eVan family is soon to be complete – we have a little van on the horizon in the not too distant future to compliment an already strong line-up from Mercedes-Benz. There’s more information to come, but the new Citan should be arriving in Q4 2022 and from what I’ve seen so far it looks amazing!

Stay switched on to the blog for more EV news and insights. All the best…Banksy.


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Published: 24/09/2021


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