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Are you still finding random fireworks in your back garden from Bonfire Night, because I am? You might be thinking green with COP26, but great news that the Government has stopped playing their own Squid game with red light, green light for travel. But before you jet off, grab a minute to read my November blog.

In this month’s blog we’re covering off the recently confirmed Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in one of the best cities in the World: Sheffield…but I would say that being from the steel city. Also, we looking at the move over to the Mercedes me connect platform and the main talking point is the COP26 summit which is dominating the news this month.

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For those of you living under a rock, COP26 is being held in Glasgow, from the 1st to 12thNovember 2021. COP stands for the Conference of the Parties and it brings together World leaders under one roof to discuss how to tackle climate change and the impact our current activities are having on our planet.

My little lad said “Dad what’s going to happen to the planet if we don’t do our bit?”, he’s only 9 and our future generation. He’s forever turning lights off and suggesting we eat less meat. It seems like today’s younger generation do actually care about climate change and their part in it.

And so, could you by starting to look at your piece of the puzzle and say “What can I do today?" “What can I do personally?” and “What can I do as a business?” Yes, there are changes to make, yes, it’s different and you need to adapt but it’s a race that you can only win if everybody runs it.

It feels to me like more people care than have cared before. Are we going to start seeing a significant shift? I really do feel it is high on people’s agenda, more so because COP26 is in our Country but also because people are starting to see what it looks like if we don’t do anything. Even ITV are adapting their programming to incorporate green messaging including storylines in their primetime soaps – will we see Kevin Webster putting solar panels on his garage?

It’s okay the larger corporations pledging this and that – they can’t do it on their own. The big companies are going to be influencing the smaller companies by their actions which will cause a huge domino effect. You can read more here:

People will want to be leading the charge on Net Carbon – you want to be that company people perceive to be at the forefront of change, be seen to be green. The big players have the biggest influence, but in essence it’s the smaller companies that play just as bigger part.

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If you’ve not been reading the news locally, Sheffield’s proposed CAZ was given the green light at the end of October 2021, which comes into play in late 2022. If you operate in Sheffield, what does this mean for you? Basically, any non-compliant vehicle would have to pay a charge to enter the designated area that’s been outlined. See map here:

You can check to see if your van, bus, taxi or truck is Euro 6 diesel compliant here: If you run a Mercedes Sprinter that was built in 2016, chances are it will be compliant*

If it’s not compliant or you do need to change, this could be an opportunity to consider an electric vehicle as these do not incur any charges. On top of that, there are the Government grants currently on the table but also local support packages to assist in going greener. For more information, click here:

If you’re familiar with Mercedes me connect from the car side, you will know that the app is great and what you’ve come to love and expect from Mercedes. You can locate electric charge points, pre-condition your vehicle, check on charge status, what sort of range you’ve got, get up to temperature before starting your journey and plan your route. We’ve made the switch from Mercedes PRO Connect to Mercedes me connect and anybody with a compatible Mercedes-Benz van can use Mercedes me for their connected services now.

Stay safe and see you again next month. All the best, Banksy.

* Please check the website to ensure your vehicle is Euro 6 diesel, as some models built in 2016 may only be to Euro 5B+.

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Published: 08/11/2021


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