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Here at Northside Truck and Van, we promise to do whatever we can to keep your vehicles and your business moving. We pledge a Zero Tolerance on Downtime. If you're in possession of a Repair and Maintenance contract and your truck breaks down, our team of dedicated truck technicians are on hand to attend you 24/7 anywhere in the UK.

We repair vehicles by the Roadside whenever possible. In the event that your truck cannot be repaired within 24 hours, we provide a replacement like-for-like vehicle or financial rental equivalent - providing you have a Euro VI Truck with a complete service Contract or a Complete Service Contract with Uptime

Industry Leading

hour 457x240 31

55 minute average attendance time.

We’ll reach you inside 55 minutes on average in the event of a breakdown. Wherever you are in the UK. That’s an industry benchmark.

roadside 457x2401

90% roadside repair rate.

Our skilled and dedicated technicians get you straight on the road and back to what you do best.


Free replacement vehicle.

Following a call to Service24h, if you have a Euro VI Truck with a complete service contract, we’ll offer you a like-for-like vehicle or provide financial rental equivalent if your vehicle is not repaired within 24 hours.

Service 24h Process

  1. Telephone for Roadside Assistance on 00800 5777 7777 from the UK, please dial or +44 (0) 207 660 9992 If you're calling from abroad.

  2. The Customer Assistance Centre (CAC) will record the relevant details and arrange for a Technician to attend.

  3. The S24h Technician – who can track your vehicle through a GPS tracker on their smartphone, will provide an estimated time of arrival to the CAC who will relay this to you.

  4. The Technician continues to provide real-time updates (arrival at scene, diagnosis and repair details) to the CAC via their smartphone until the vehicle is back on the road.

  5. If the breakdown has been reported by an advisor rather than the driver, the CAC will use these updates to keep the advisor fully briefed every step of the way.

Terms and Conditions

All new Mercedes-Benz Trucks receive cover for roadside assistance and/or recovery for the first year should the vehicle be stranded roadside and/or cannot be started and this has been caused by a technical defect that is covered under warranty. Beyond the first year, we will continue to support Truck customers who require roadside assistance, however, this will be on a pay-on-use basis.

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