Service Care

It is important to carry out required service measures on your vehicle to keep your vehicle running as close to new as possible and reduce the risk of a vehicle breakdown. At Northside Truck and Van we offer a range of service contracts to help you spread the cost of your service requirements. 

Servicing your vehicle with Northside Truck and Van guarantees you access to highly trained specialised technicians who know the brand inside and out, they have detailed knowledge about the innovative technologies only found in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle and how to work best with that equipment.

We will also only ever use genuine parts for any repair and replacements. All parts have been designed specifically for the brand and tested in the vehicle. Only with genuine parts will your vehicle maintain its initial integrity and retain its warranty*. Our 7 dealerships are open around the clock with servicing available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know that your business cannot afford to stop so we aim to be open when you are not - keeping your vans on the road when they are most needed. 

ServiceCare Maintenance

Northside Truck and Van offer the opportunity to spread the cost of your services - without extending your credit lines. With the ServiceCare Maintenance package covers the cost of all 6 of your van's services over a period of 48months. Payable either monthly or in a one off lump sum; the plan works out cheaper than paying for each service individually.

With a maintained service contract from Mercedes-Benz you also receive free roadside assistance for up to 30 years. Every service carried out within the Mercedes-Benz approved dealer network will grant access to the recovery services until the next service is due. Terms and conditions apply. See for more details.


PadWyIyMDAiLCIxMDAiLCJGRkZGRkYiXQ ScaleWidthWyIyMDAiXQ model variant 2 original2

from £30.00 a month over 12 months ex. VAT


PadWyIyMDAiLCIxMDAiLCJGRkZGRkYiXQ ScaleWidthWyIyMDAiXQ model variant 808 original2

from £30.00 a month over 12 months ex. VAT


PadWyIyMDAiLCIxMDAiLCJGRkZGRkYiXQ ScaleWidthWyIyMDAiXQ model variant 1132 original2

from £30.00 a month over 12 months ex. VAT


X ClassSmallFrom £44.00 per month for 12 months ex VAT

(Only available for 220/250 models)


L2 eVito model2

From £20.00 per month over 12 months ex VAT

Predictive Servicing


Most Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles are provided with an ASSYST system. An intelligent onboard computer which recognises when your vehicle is reaching a required service interval. By accessing the system through your vehicle's dashboard you will be alerted to whether your van requires a service or how long you can travel until the measure is due. When your service is due, our service advisors are available on 01302 369351 to arrange your booking or you can now book your service online using the Mercedes Van Service Portal

Pay as you go

Citan L2 paint options4


Service A: £135

Service B: £259

Vito trims

Vito 447/639

Service A: £174/£202

Service B: £343/£320

Sprinter paints2

Sprinter 906/907/910

Service A: £230

Service B: £395

X Class paint options

X-Class X250/X350

Service A: £201/£253

Service B: £362/£552