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Through years of design and application, Mercedes-Benz offers an evolved, ultra-modern vehicle optimised for long distance haulage. The Actros is the pinnacle of performance, safety, and style. The Euro VI engine technology and build designs deliver exceptional fuel economy and a cost-effective vehicle, with a variety of interior and exterior custom options so you can build the vehicle you need with no need to compromise. Solutions devised to create the optimum comfort levels, ensuring your driver is rested and at ease in their environment.

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The Actros offers superior driving dynamics, thanks to efficient, high-torque six-cylinder inline engines operate with X-Pulse common-rail high-pressure injection and an injection pressure of up to 2100 bar, combined with The Euro VI engines save on fuel and reduce emissions, making the Actros environmentally friendly and a cost effective vehicle to run. Low repair and maintenance costs, the Actros is justifiable to even the most frugal user. 

Now equipped with the latest Euro VI technology and economical, high-torque 6-cylinder engines that exceed the standards of Euro V, EEV or Euro VI. The 13 available power bands have been optimised for their end-use applications helping to secure less fuel per kilometer traveled. A wide range of economic engine options are available with 8 or 12-speed Mercedes powershift 3 transmissions.


Supplied as standard - the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift. Available as eight, 12 or 16 speed versions, the Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmission offers a range of economical modes to suit driving situations. Manual, Power mode or Off-Road. 


  • Manoeuvring mode
  • The automatic holding of gears downhill
  • Rocking mode to free a stuck truck
  • EcoRoll to save fuel when heading downhill, 
  • The choice of switching between three normal driving modes on every truck – even on the move.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank has grown by 10% on the Actros, eliminating the need for retro-fit tank add-ons. Now offering an excellent capacity of up to 1000L on low rigid frame trucks and 1420L is from the factory on 4x2 tractor units.
Four different tank profiles available to suit the vehicle.

Provided as standard on certain models, the AdBlue tank is provided as either separate or combined. AdBlue technology is helping to reduce pollutants emitted by diesel engines through selective catalytic reduction.


Wheel Configurations

Multiple wheel configurations available to suit drive applications, including both left and right-hand drive. For a thoroughly tailored business solution, Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT) service can provide vehicles to special order.


Front Axle ratings of 7.5t, 8.0t and 9.0t are available depending on the model, with a range of leading and trailing axles to suit different applications. Available with a dropped beam and ventilated disc brakes. The new rear axle guide, standard on 4x2 vehicles, offers even better road holding and steering precision due to the wider spread mounting points.

Frame and Suspension

Standard design for optimal journey comfort. the new frame is wider and stiffer. The 4-bag rear air suspension and widely available front air suspension work in conjunction to provide a pleasant, smooth, road holding journey. The driver benefits from improved roll control and chassis height control.

The new Actros is provided with a wide range of wheelbase and overhang options to provide a customised truck, there is a free choice in the positioning of rear cross members perfectly optimised for journey requirements. 

The complete hole pattern, spaced at 50 mm intervals, makes for fast easy fitment of bodies and other equipment.



Five cabs available compactspace, classicspace, streamspace, bigspace and gigaspace in two cab widths, 2500 mm and 2300 mm, giving a total of 11 cab variants to support long distance haulage. Interior design options, Standard, Home-Line and Style-Line are available to create an ultra-modern living environment, and tailored solutions ensure a home from home. Impressive maximum headroom up to 2.13 m.



Designed for optimal living comfort. The Actros cab comes with a wide variety of easily accessible storage solutions to carry all the at home comforts needed on a long haul journey. Stowage capacity available overhead, under and throughout the cab. In fact, the Actros Gigaspace is setting the bench mark in terms of compartment capacity,  with 920L more capacity and 50L more stowage capacity throughout.

Optionally available is a reinforced, break-in-resistant valuables compartment on the co-driver’s side.


Designed to provide optimal comfort and a great nights rest so your driver can hit the road, refreshed and ready to take on the day. All mattresses are 750mm wide and 2000 mm or 2200mm long, cab dependent. Available in cold foam as standard or optional Premium Comfort memory foam. Ergonomically considered to support multiple sleeping positions with an adjustable backrest. 


The 40mm wider seat is available in a rage of finishes including the luxurious velour as standard and cloth or leather alternatives. Seat is heated and ventilated as standard with the option of massage capabilities. A good night’s sleep guaranteed with 110mm thick cold foam mattress, with optional Premium Comfort memory foam. 


Actros 5


Assistant Systems

  • Rain sensitive wipers
  • Follow me home lighting
  • Multi-function key
  • PowerShift 3 automated gearshift



  • The Electropneumatic Brake System (EPB)
  • Engine Brake

Safety Systems

  • Onboard camera
  • Stability Control Assist 


Assistant systems

  • Proximity Control Assist
  • Fifth Wheel Sensor
  • Mirror with maneuvering function
  • Bi-Xenon headlights
  • Combined LED daytime running lights, fog lights, and speed-sensitive cornering lights

Safety Systems

  • The Active Brake Assist 3 system
  • Attention Assist
  • Lane Keeping Assist

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