New Mercedes-Benz eActros

Charged & Ready. Sustainable, future-oriented, driven by innovation, and quiet: that’s the new eActros – the first all-electric truck from Mercedes-Benz.

With a range of up to 400 km* and short charging times, it is made for heavy-duty distribution haulage in urban areas. But the eActros is more than just a truck. It is part of the integrated eActros solution which, in addition to the truck and its conventional services, also includes new eConsulting and innovative digital solutions, all of which bring us a little closer to the target of zero local emissions.


The eActros is available in two versions with three or four batteries. Each of these special lithium-ion batteries has a capacity of approximately 112 kWh*, resulting in total battery capacity of around 336** and 448 kWh**. All this power helps the eActros to travel distances of up to 300 km*** and 400 km****, although the exact range may vary depending on the geography of the area, driving method, outside temperature, load and body, among other factors. The eActros has excellent stamina, making it ideal for heavy-duty distribution haulage in urban areas.

Assistance systems to improve safety

You can rely on proven safety and assistance systems that aid the driver, especially in urban traffic, within the system boundaries: Stability Control Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Attention Assist, Sideguard Assist, Active Brake Assist, Tyre Pressure Monitoring and Roll Control Assist. Everything to make heavy-duty, short-radius distribution safer and more efficient in urban areas.

New driving and work performance

The special Mercedes-Benz electric axle with two motors, continuous output of 330 kW and maximum output of 400 kW provide for immediate and powerful acceleration. This incredible driving experience is supported by a two-speed transmission and a low centre of gravity.

Thanks to the Multimedia Cockpit and the MirrorCam as standard features, a particularly low noise level in the cab and low vibration (as there is no engine under the cab), driving and working in the eActros are made as relaxing and stress-free as possible.


Three high-capacity lithium-ion batteries provide a 70kW electric motor with all the power it needs (up to 536bhp) and enables a maximum speed of 55mph. This all-electric drivetrain produces zero CO2 emissions and is paired with four-speed transmission (two forward, two reverse) – and when fully charged, it’s capable of a maximum 205-mile range. What’s more, it takes about 75 minutes for a 20 to 80% charge to occur.


While offering plenty of power and rapid acceleration, the eActros’ cab provides a calm haven for you and your co-workers. Sound levels are less than 50% of those experienced in a regular truck, and vibrations are kept to an absolute minimum. The net result: a comfortable, relaxed environment that fosters maximum concentration. 


The new eActros is equipped with MirrorCam. This means that cameras are fitted to the vehicle’s roof frame, providing you with enhanced peripheral field of vision. It’s also an invaluable aid whenever you’re reversing in a straight line or around a corner. A large, landscape-oriented multi-touch display is your point of control, while a pair of 15.2-inch HD monitors deliver real-time footage.

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