Mercedes-Benz Atego

The Mercedes-Benz Atego is yet another high-quality truck produced by the prestigious German automaker, which means it offers superb build quality, durability and reliability. It’s also quiet and comfortable and ideal for all kinds of distribution purposes.


Powerful, reliable and economical, the new Atego is provided with the same excellent engine technologies as available across the range. Two engine options are available with seven power ratings from 115 kW (156 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp) each designed to provide high-performance abilities and low fuel consumption, the new Atego boasts a 50% fuel saving compared to its predecessor model.


A true 21st century vehicle, the Atego offers great performance abilities with exceptional economical drive qualities.

Available with a choice of 6-, 8- or 9- speed transmissions and Mercedes Powershift 3, an automated transmission which ensures precise gear selection and short shift times. Select from "power" or "off road" drive modes for ideal driving dynamics.

Brake Systems

Available with a powerful engine brake, offering up to 235kW of braking power, reducing wear on the service brake or with a high-performance engine brake available on select engine variants, offering up to 300 kW of braking power for even greater safety. An additional 160 kW (at 80 km/h) (depending on vehicle and variation) is supplied via the Atego's permanent magnet retarder, a wear-free auxiliary brake.

Build the Perfect Body

Manufactured with bodybuilding in mind, the Atego is provided from the factory with a number of pre-installations, such as side underrun guards, to help improve the speed and quality of mounting, so that you get your finished vehicle quicker than expected.

Also featured from the factory is the parameterizable special module, which enables the tailor-made programming of complex bodies and power take-offs. It also provides for perfect data processing and the exchange of information between vehicle and body.


Ultra-reliable and wholly versatile, the Atego is a terrific vehicular tool, irrespective of your distribution targets. Whatever your requirement, there’s almost certainly a configuration option that will suit you down to the ground.


Enjoy more with the Mercedes-Benz Atego…

  • Enhanced aerodynamics, including low drag and rolling resistance
  • Fuel-efficient Euro VI engine options, available in two displacement classes and seven power outputs, ranging from 156bhp to 299bhp
  • PowerShift 3 automated six, eight and nine-speed gearshift transmission, with operationally optimised drive programs
  • Predictive Powertrain Control means reduced fuel consumption


  • Lockable fuel filler cap – ensuring that would-be thieves will think twice, and yet its one-key system makes things convenient for the driver
  • Roof lamp bracket for additional headlights that deliver greater all-around visibility
  • Rotating orange LED beacon – providing ample warning to other road users whenever you’re transporting an extra-heavy load
  • Low roof-mounted air conditioning – saves on cab space without stinting on cooling and dehumidification quality

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