Job Title Job Reference Location Salary Link
Chargehand Y19022024C York Competitive
Parts Advisor Y07022024PA York Competitive

Careers with Northside Truck & Van Recruitment

Why Northside?


A business is only as capable as the people that it employs, we, therefore, offer a range of high-quality training programmes to develop our staff from within. Many of these training programmes are hosted in the pioneering training studios of Mercedes-Benz at their UK home in Milton Keynes.

We want to give you the confidence to know you are fully prepared and capable of doing your role to the best of your ability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer respectful and trustworthy partnerships that enable our customers to have a competitive advantage in the Logistics industry.

Our Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Northside Truck & Van we understand our responsibility to our employees and to society, with our corporate foothold we have the ability to foster change and value the opportunity to do so. Over the years we have undertaken a number of initiatives to help causes close to our heart. Most recently, in 2017, sixteen of our employees completed a 200 mile cycle ride in memory of our colleague Don Bowen. The initiative raised over £5,000 for Macmillan Cancer support and gained press attention for the cause.

Equal Opportunities Employer

We fully accept and welcome that society consists of many diverse groups and individuals and this diversity is an asset to the community, we also recognise that certain groups and individuals are discriminated against and we are opposed to this. We recognise that we have a moral and legal responsibility to promote equal opportunities and we will pursue equality in all of our work .

Our Ideal Candidates

Northside Truck & Van is looking to employ ambitious people who are committed to self-enrichment and career development. They are self-starters and innovative individuals with the flair and confidence to make things happen. Our ideal candidates are effective communicators who work well in a team and look to share their experience and expertise with their colleagues. They have strong foundations and key skills which they hope to enhance within our business.


  • Generous Holidays
    As much as we want you to love working with Northside, we know that you value your time at home and on holiday. So Northside benefits their staff with generous holiday leave with additional days leave rewarded for long-term service.
  • Ride to Work Scheme (currently on hold)
    We partake in the ride to work cycle scheme which offers tax and insurance savings on the cost of a new bike. Just one of the ways in which we champion our employees' health.
  • Wellbeing Programme
    Nobody should suffer in silence, our wellbeing programme is in place to support our staff when they are in need, nurturing their health and well being.
  • Death in Service Cover
    If the worst should happen we will ease the financial strain that may be left behind by providing a tax-free lump sum of money to your next of kin and dependents. Death does not have to occur within the workplace, as long as you are on our payroll you will benefit from the cover.
  • Staff Referral Bonus
    We want the best of the best to work at Northside and trust our staff to recommend people who they feel can help build our business. If a staff member recommends a person for a role, who then goes on to achieve the role they will receive a £250 bonus on their start date and a further £250 once 6 months in the business has been completed.
  • Salary Sacrifice Pension
    It is important for Northside to know that when our employees reach retirement they can afford a comfortable living through their pension. Our company pension can be taken as an optional salary sacrifice pension which may see an increase in your take-home pay.