New Actros L

New Mercedes-Benz Actros L

Our largest, most luxurious truck ever. Specifically designed for national and international long-distance haulage.

Actros L sets new standards for comfort and safety.

Perfect for business

For fleet managers, specifying the new Mercedes-Benz Actros L means establishing class-leading features designed to help you get the best from your drivers. The optimum working space will keep them content and comfortable while your business benefits from a host of new technologies.

Two of these new technologies are safety assistance systems - Active Drive Assist (S2A) and Sideguard Assist (S1R). These work to increase driving safety and minimise downtime. The Euro VI-E engine ensures compliance with emission measurement and noise legislation, whilst the Eco Driver Feedback feature gives you valuable feedback on the economy of your driving style, meaning you can confidently make your contribution to cleaner air.

Perfect for drivers

Actros L comes equipped with the options drivers would undoubtedly choose. A cab is a workplace, and we have put comfort and well-being at the very forefront of our thinking. Whether you are driving, taking a break, or settling down for the night, this is the most luxurious truck on the market.

The improved cab insulation allows for a quieter, more peaceful environment. It keeps you comfortable thanks to delayed heat and cold transfer. New seating positions and trims will enable you to tailor your seating position to your individual needs. The mattress topper (D4E) offers improved hygiene and is the essence of hotel luxury. The new optional LED headlights (L1G) reduce driver strain by lighting the way and enhancing visibility.

Whether you are a fleet manager, or an owner-driver you can rest assured Actros L is an exceptional mercedes truck, which delivers the safest, most enhanced driving experience available. It is well-being on wheels.


With the new Actros L, there’s no reason for long-distance transportation not to be a cost-efficient venture. This exceptional mercedes truck features:

  • Reliable and fuel-efficient Euro VI engine options in three displacement classes
  • Fuel-conserving drive programs
  • Optimised aerodynamics – delivering ultra-low levels of drag, promoting minimal fuel consumption
  • Carefully calibrated powertrain configurations, paired with 12-speed automated transmission and enhanced final-drive ratio


All Mercedes-Benz trucks conform to the marque’s meticulous standards, thus offering years of faithful service while retaining value.

The new Actros L is designed to enjoy long maintenance intervals, resulting in lower servicing and repair costs. With us, you have a choice of replacement components: authentic manufacturer parts – or cost-effective genuine remanufactured parts.


  • Generously proportioned cab – 2.5-metres wide with an entirely flat floor
  • Optimised seating position with plenty of adjustment options – ensuring long-haul comfort
  • Enhanced noise insulation – perfect for drivetime, or whenever it’s time to take a nap

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