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Whatever your haulage requirements, the Antos is on hand. Specifically designed to suit the many requirements specific to distribution work of 18t and upwards; special model variants support payload-sensitive and volume-oriented haulage. The Antos is a fit for all applications, in body and ability. Now incorporating the new Euro VI engine which allows for smooth running and increased responsiveness, perfecting the Antos for safe, assured driving in urban and rural driving conditions.  



The Antos offers superior driving dynamics, thanks to efficient, high-torque six-cylinder inline engines operate with X-Pulse common-rail high-pressure injection and an injection pressure of up to 2100 bar.

The Euro VI engines save on fuel and reduce emissions, making the Antos environmentally friendly and a cost-effective vehicle to run.

The Antos is available with a choice of four engine displacements and 16 power ratings from 175 kW (238 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp), each designed for maximum fuel efficiency, maximum torque and drivability, low noise & emissions and a long life with unsurpassed reliability. All ratings are offered complying with the most stringent Euro VI emissions standard, helping you to future-proof your business.


The Antos offers as standard the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift; offering better handling, streamlined shifting and efficient power transmission.  The transmission offers click of a button switching from economy drive to dynamic drive, for the most suitable and practical drive experience. 

a Power mode is available, for high weight operations. In addition, a Fleet mode is available, reducing manual intervention and further supporting an economical driving style.

Fuel Tank

Antos offers a wide range of fuel tank sizes across the range in four different profiles to suit the vehicle and its application. Wide tanks are available for maximum fuel capacity, with narrower tanks on offer to allow fitment of side skirts for aerodynamic improvements. A choice of AdBlue tank sizes is also available on certain models, both as separate tanks and as combined fuel and AdBlue tanks.

Fuel capacity of up to 1300 L is available from the factory on 4x2 tractors, with an array of combinations making it easy to specify the layout you require.


Frame and Suspension

Designed without compromise for on road distribution applications, the new frame is wider and stiffer to provide improved roadholding and a better ride. The complete hole pattern, spaced at 50 mm intervals, makes for fast easy fitment of bodies and other equipment.
In addition, the Antos provides an enlarged range of wheelbases and overhangs as well as free choice in positioning of rear cross members.

Standard fitment across the Antos range is a newly developed 4-bag rear air suspension system, offering improved roll control and handling on rough roads. In addition, many models are available with front air suspension, for the ultimate in ride comfort and chassis height control. The new rear axle guide, standard on 4x2 vehicles, offers even better roadholding and steering precision due to the wider spread mounting points.


Various leading and trailing axle configurations are available to suit a wide range of driving specifications. Front axels are available with a dropped beam and ventilated disk brakes with ratings of 7.5t, 8.0t and 9.0t options available depending on the model.  

Rear axles are equipped with a differential lock as standard, along with ventilated disc brakes and an oil temperature sensor for the maintenance system, the range of rear axles offer ratings of up to 13t.

Other options are available making the vehicles even more configurable – for example steering rear axles on 6x2 vehicles, and to tailor the vehicles to suit your application even more precisely, our Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT) service can provide vehicles to special order in even more configurations.


Each cab has a standardised width of 2300mm with an engine tunnel height of 170 mm or 320 mm. Select from classicspace S-cab, classicspace M-cab or compactspace M-cab. Access to the cab is provided by a non-slip, stair-like arrangement. 

The cabin has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort with limited exertion for driver safety purposes. It is asymmetrically designed to offer the driver a wide angled, clear view of the road ahead and has a multifunction steering wheel allows the driver complete control without having to move around the cabin too much.


antos storage


All available cabs on the Antos come with superb storage capacity levels to handle day to day travel requirements. The day cab is provided with standard accessible storage including overhead storage, glove compartments and ergonomically designed bottle holders for easy access. There is an optional 25litre cool box. The rest cab is provided with all the standard storage equipment as per the day cab but with an option with exterior storage compartment, which can be accessed from within the cab. Perfect for holding tools and other heavy equipment.

Interior Climate

The air-controlled heating and the optional air conditioning system also contribute to the high standard of working comfort aboard the new Antos, by maintaining an optimum interior climate both while driving and during breaks. The diffuser nozzle in the dash support, for example, ensures draft-free ventilation of the cab. Automatic climate control is available as an option for all cab variants. And the new, standard-specification residual engine heat utilisation function can keep the inside of the cab at a pleasant temperature for up to two hours after the engine is switched off. A hot-water auxiliary heater for heating the cab is also available as an option.


Designed for optimal driver comfort, the Antos has wider, air suspended seats with an increased adjustment range. Available in a range of fabrics including the standard Flat-weave cover or Velour, Leather or Dinamica® Star covers. Seats are available to purchase in heated and ventilated options. Third center seat optional. 



Assistant systems

  • Rain sensitive wipers
  • Follow me home lighting
  • Multi-function key


  • The Electropneumatic Brake System (EPB)

Safety Systems

  • Attention Assist
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Onboard camera
  • Roll Control Assist
  • Stability Control Assist


Assistant systems

  • Proximity Control Assist 
  • Fifth Wheel Sensor 
  • Mirror with maneuvering function
  • Bi-Xenon headlights
  • Combined LED daytime running lights, fog lights, and speed-sensitive cornering lights


  • High-performance engine brake 

Safety Systems

  • The Active Brake Assist 3 system

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