A new class of truck for a new era in transport.

A new class of Mercedes truck for a new era in transport.

The new Antos. Both a milestone and a benchmark for the future. A whole new class ofMercedes truckthat has been specifically developed for distribution work from 18 t upwards.

Built to cater exactly to your requirements across all applications. Meaning you can go about your dayto-day tasks more effectively and efficiently whatever your line of work, whether it’s grocery transport, retail supply services or tanker and dry-bulk haulage.

This is all thanks to practical, comfortable cabs, responsive and dynamic powertrain configurations featuring fuel-saving, low-emission Euro VI engines, as well as extremely safe, assured driving characteristics.This is backed up by low repair and maintenance costs, complete ease of body mounting and a diverse product portfolio – including special model variants designed for payload-sensitive and volume-oriented haulage.

In short, a truck which points the way forward with a new name and a new face. First and foremost though, one which offers you a tailored, purpose-built solution for all distribution applications from 18t upwards.

The new Antos. Call your local dealer and experience the new class of truck in heavy-duty distribution.Northside are quality Mercedes commercial dealers with years of experience with Mercedes Benz servicingand vehicles, contact us today for more information. 



All of the seats in the Antos Mercedes truck are completely new to give optimum driver comfort, with a wider seat, increased adjustment range and a wide range of finishes available.

The standard Air Suspended seat with Flat-weave cover in our range of cabs is impressively comfortable, and Velour, Leather or Dinamica® Star covers are optionally available. In addition to optional heated and ventilated seats, the Antos also offers the option of a centre seat for a third crew member.

Comfortable seating in allMercedes trucksensures that the driver can drive in comfort and stay focused on the road, contact Mercedes specialist Northside for more information on other features. 

Ergonomic Workstation

Practical workstation, fountain of information and command centre in one – centred round the driver; the main vehicle functions are controlled using the multifunction steering wheel. The automated gearshift is operated using the right-hand steering-column lever, while all other control elements, the radio, and the stowage facilities are positioned ergonomically. In short:it’s perfect for focused working, relaxed driving and precise operation.

This integrated system is becoming more common in mercedes trucks as it allows the driver complete control without having to move around the cabin too much. For more information about ourMercedes trucks or to ask about the ergonomic workstation contact Mercedes commercial dealersNorthside today.

Multi-Function Key

The multi-function key adds to the functions of the remote control key with many features that aid driver comfort, convenience and safety. 

The key to theMercedes truckrecharges itself when the vehicle is being driven to avoid any flat battery issues. The key offers monitoring and the ability to remotely control many systems up to a range of 30m away. 

A few examples include:

  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Suspension level control
  • Audio system controls
  • Daily bulb check function


Intelligent storage throughout, the Antos offers space for the essentials of heavy-duty distribution, whether gloves, paperwork or straps.

Low and high storage trays are available to fit the engine tunnel of theMercedes truck and even a 25l fridge can be fitted. With the M-Cab variants, a locker accessible from outside the cab is also available, ideal for dirty items that are better kept out of the working area.

The good quality storage solutions available on the Antos are perfect for giving the driver and otehr crew members plenty of storage space to compleet the journey in comfort. 

Northside are qualityMercedes specialists with many years of experience working with Mercede Benz, contact us today for more information about our Mercedes trucks.

Heating & Air Conditioning

The heating system in allMercedes truckscontributes to the high standard of comfort aboard the new Antos by maintaining an optimum interior climate both while driving and during breaks. Air conditioning, Hot water auxiliary heater and Automatic climate control are available as special equipment, along with the new residual engine heat utilisation function that keeps the inside of the cab at a pleasant temperature for up to two hours after the engine is switched off.

Economy systems

Intelligent consumers

There are many requirements on the power from an engine other than moving the truck. Minimising these helps you to save fuel, and so the AntosMercedes truckincludes a host of standard and optional systems to do just that.

These range from an electronically controlled two-stage water pump – which is standard fitment across the Antos range* to intelligent compressed air control which runs the compressor on the overrun when possible, saving even more energy. Other examples include controlled power steering pump, radiator shutters and optionally available residual heat utilisation to make use of heat from the engine.

For more information on the intelligent consuming capabilities ofMercedes trucks contact Northside, we are experts in all things Mercedes including Mercedes spares, servicing and parts.


FleetBoard®measures the performance of both Mercedes truck and driver on every journey by way of a grading system. The grade awarded reflects driver behaviour in key areas such as braking, harsh acceleration, anticipating the road ahead, gear changing etc and can also identify use of cruise control and excessive idling.

The FleetBoard® systemhelps fleets to manage their drivers more effectively by measuring and reporting key data. The system frequently highlights situations where poor driving results in poor fuel consumption. The fuel saving calculator, located on the FleetBoard® website, assists to identify potential savings that can be made in a fleet. Fill in the key data for your fleet, press calculate and the calculator will reveal how much you can save for your entire fleet over the term of vehicle ownership.

For further information or to use the fuel saving calculator, click on the below link to visit theFleetBoard® website-

FleetBoard® EcoSupport
Standard on all models of Antos, FleetBoard® EcoSupport provides instant interactive driver feedback through the dashboard display and complements the provision of FleetBoard® telematics on the vehicle.The system analyses the driving style and offers tips on driving in an economical style.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring
The wireless tyre pressure monitoring system is an electronic safety system which monitors the air pressure of all tyres on both truck and trailer*. Sensors located on the wheel rim detect the tyre pressureand forward this information via antennas on the vehicle to be displayed on the instrument cluster.

If the pressure falls below that required, the driver is alerted by a yellow or red warning on the dashboard, depending on severity of deflation.

The system helps to monitor tyre pressures and assists in reducing blowouts or sudden deflation, aidingsafety and reducing costs. In addition, keeping the correct tyre pressure helps not only to prolong tyre life, but to reduce fuel consumption too.

The FleetBoard® system is used on mostMercedes trucks and is a brilliant way to ensure all your drivers are driving correcty and safely. For more information about FleetBoard® or our other Mercedes trucks contact Mercedes Benz specialistNorthside.


Safety Systems

Attention Assist monitorsdriving style to assess whether the attention of the driver is starting to wane. If it detects a decrease in attention, the driver is warned through the dashboard and acoustically, and the vehicle suggests taking a break.

Working in combination with Lane Keeping Assist, the Attention Assist system is purely to support and increase safety, and will not intervene in driving.The Active Brake Assist 3 system assists the driver when a hazard is spotted or collision is likely to happen. This is fetaure is now popular on allMercedes trucksin the range to ensure the safety of drivers and other road users.

TheActive Brake Assist 3system assists the driver when a hazard is detected and reduces the vehicle speed by staged braking intervention. When driving at speeds above 10 km/h, Active Brake Assist 3 evaluates the traffic situation in front of the vehicle. The system monitors the distances from vehicles driving in front as well as their speeds whilst also being able to detect stationary obstacles.

The new Actros is optionally available withActive Brake Assist 3. This safety system can now also prevent* an impending collision with a stationary object, or considerably reduce impact speed, through autonomous full braking. In this way, accidents can be avoided, or the severity of an accident can be significantly reduced.

The optionalLane Keeping Assistis a lane recognition system which detects if the truck unintentionally strays too close to the edge of a lane.

A small camera located behind the windscreen monitors road-markings and relays the information to an on-board computer. If the lateral distance between the vehicle and the lane markings changes, the system emits an audible signal via the stereo speakers, alerting the driver to correct the course of the vehicle before any problems arise.

Available for air sprung vehicles,Roll Control Assistsees the fitment of electronically controlled active dampers, constantly adjusting to suit road conditions and counteracting the rollover tendencies of high centre of gravity or dynamic loads. This improves both ride comfort and safety.

Standard fitment across many new Actros models,Stability Control Assisthelps to maintain driving stability of both truck and trailer in potentially dangerous driving situations such as skidding or swerving. The system acts to redress the balance by adjusting the truck’s power supply and braking. Through systematic adjustment of the engine torque, precisely metered tractor braking and trailer control combine to help drivers avoid dangerous situations.

Combined with an alert and careful driving style,Stability Control Assistcan make a significant difference to safety for both vehicles and personnel.

Available as an optional extra with a seatbelt tensioner, the driver’s airbag is activated by collision sensors only if the impact is severe enough to require it. In conjunction with a properly worn seatbelt, the driver’s airbag can reduce the severity of injuries in the event of an accident.

For more information on safety features on the Antos and otherMercedes truckscontact Mercedes specialist Northside.

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