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When your terrain is tough, you need a vehicle that is tougher. That’s why Mercedes-Benz has spent 100 years refining the Arocs. A heavy duty truck that can handle whatever you throw at it. Its highly customisable body, power, and all-wheel drive perfectly combine to offer an all-round vehicle perfectly manufactured to master the tasks of the construction industry. Whether it’s as a semitrailer tractor, rigid vehicle, concrete mixer or heavy-duty dump truck.

Perfected from the inside out, the Arocs is equipped with a strong, reinforced body protecting it from the harshness of its environment, including a bodyshell that is comprised 100 percent of fully galvanised sheet metal panels. The six cylinder engine works in conjunction with a highly stable frame and optimised suspension system to provide strong dynamics and ground traction, idealising the Arocs for on road and off-road driving.

For the most extreme ground conditions the Arocs Grounder offers higher design weights, more ground clearance and more traction. 

Download the Arocs Construction brochure. 

Customer Spotlight

Mercedes-Benz Arocs hits the ground running for Buntons

Bradford-based plant hire and groundworks specialist Buntons commissioned one of the UK’s first Euro VI-engined Mercedes-Benz Arocs following the model’s launch in 2014, and has been buying them ever since. Key to the appeal of the purpose-designed construction chassis for Buntons is its payload allowance and popularity with drivers, and the customer-focused back-up from Northside’s Bradford branch. 

Buntons has traditionally favoured a Swedish truck brand. “The Mercedes-Benz eight-wheeler was always a good, strong product and this is certainly true of the Arocs, but the new model also has a very competitive carrying capacity,” said Mr Hall. “The Arocs is right up there with the best in terms of fuel efficiency, while our drivers are also very happy with their Mercedes-Benz trucks. They particularly appreciate the lightness of the controls and the smooth, flexible automated gearbox.”

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The Arocs is equipped with an exceptionally fuel efficient Euro VI engine, delivering 4% fuel savings compared to predecessor models. Choice of four displacements are available and 16 power ratings from 175 kW (238 hp) to 460 kW (625 hp). Ratings in line with Euro VI emission standards.

In addition to saving on fuel, the new truck engines will save in other areas with reduced AdBlue consumption of up to 40% reduction with Euro VI, reduced maintenance costs, and increased design life.

At the heart of the Arocs Mercedes truckbeats a range of high-torque, fuel efficient Euro VI engines from 240-630 hp. 


As standard, Arocs offers Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmissions. Available as 8, 12 or 16-speed versions.

Fast shift times come as standard, but the features that make Mercedes PowerShift 3 the automatic choice include a manoeuvring mode, automatic holding of gears downhill, rocking mode to free a stuck truck, EcoRoll and the choice of switching between three normal driving modes on every truck, even on the move.

For operators that prefer a manual shift, they are tuned to provide virtually loss-free power transmission as well as very smooth gear changing, with pneumatic assistance on all models.


Arocs offers a wide range of braking system choices to suit your application, with a choice of Disc brakes, Drum brakes, or a combination of both.

As standard, safety brake features including Anti-lock braking (ABS), Anti-slip regulation (ASR), brake assist and hill holder, which provides additional safety when moving off on gradients. The engine brake uses the engine as a compressor and constant throttle to provide wear-free retardation and helps to improve safety whilst reducing running costs.

Inclusive advanced safety systems include Active Brake Assist, Attention Assist, Proximity Control Assist and Stability Control Assist. 

Frame Configurations

Arocs Frame

Robustly designed to handle the demands of a tough terrain and a heavy load. Manufactured with an appropriate overhang, reinforced frame of nine mm steel and heavy duty axles for the upmost strength. Axle loads up to nine tonne on the front and 16t on the rear. The hydraulically steered air suspended leading axels are optionally relievable offering greater stability across uneven landscapes. Design weight of the vehicle can be increased up to 41t or higher when the all-wheel drive or the Acros Grounder variant is selected. 

Depending on the application type, whether it be construction or road driving, there is a suitable frame type to match. Tracks of 744 mm and 834 mm and longitudinal members in three thickness variants of 7 mm, 8 mm and 9 mm

Various fifth-wheel couplings and mounting plates available to suit a wide choice of application types and heavy-duty couplings front and rear offer strong towing/pushing abilities.

Robust and Protected

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A harsh terrain can leave its impact on a vehicle, which is why the Arocs body has been fully reinforced to protect against the impact. The cabs are protected with 100% fully galvanised metal panels, three-section bumper with steel corners.

For additional protection grilles made from steel are available as optional to protect the vehicles headlamps and bulk material cover for equipment.  Vehicle extremities such as the exterior mirrors have a scratch resistant protective surface to protect from damage. In all the Arocs is equipped to fully prevent costly damage repairs. 





We can offer a range of 14 cabs, in the standard cabs variants of BigSpace, StreamSpace, ClassicSpace, CompactSpace. With choice of length, width and engine tunnel. Designed for optimum comfort and practicality.

Our highly ergonomic cabs are supplied with the necessary comforts of work and overnight applications. An abundance of practical storage solutions, spacious surroundings and comfort packages create a homely environment. 

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Multiple storage solutions are available as standard and optional throughout the Arocs, all designed and laid out to offer an ergonomic experience to the driver, all the storage facilities are hand reachable.  Larger cab variants, such as those with an engine tunnel has a provision for a magnitude of more storage solutions such as a high stowage compartment which can be configured as a cool box. 


The 40 mm wider seat is equipped with a high adjustment and control range to offer the upmost comfort and support to the driver and vehicle passengers. Additionally, a massage function is available to protect against back strain.

Optimise the appearance of the cabin to suit your personal style and function with a choice of seat covers, select from manmade or luxurious leather options, durable cloth of the velour. 


All Mercedes-Benz cabs are provided with driver comfort and safety in mind. Regardless of which cab is selected, you will be treated to a wide range view of the road before you thanks to the long-reaching aerodynamic window screen. Access to the cab is provided by a staircase- like frame for easy embarkment.

In the cabin, the practical workstation and multifunction steering wheel place all integral controls in easy reach of the driver. 

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