The Arocs Mercedes truck. The new force in construction.

Combining Power, Robustness and Efficiency in a unique way, The Arocs continues the 110 year old tradition of Mercedes-Benz construction industry vehicles and takes it into the future with innovative, future-oriented technology.

Designed from the ground up to provide a reliable, high-torque, flexible drive configuration to suit the construction industry down to the ground. That too is where it puts this power - to the ground, with frameand suspension configurations designed to work both on and off road. A robust design is not all that Arocs provides though, efficiency in operation, through high payloads, outstanding reliability and low running costs is key to making the Arocs economical to use every day.

Add to this mix a range of configurations and options to meet the needs of every operator and you have an enviable package. In short: the Arocs delivers everything that working life demands of it. For more information aboutMercedes trucks for construction or other commercial purposes, contact Mercedes Benz specialistNorthside today.


For Extreme Conditions. Arocs Grounder Mercedes Truck

Whether it’s the terrain or the load that is extreme, the Arocs Grounder is up to the job, offering higher design weights, more ground clearance and more traction than many otherMercedes trucksfor construction.

With a flexible reinforced chassis made of cold formed, high strength 9 mm steel, reinforced anti-roll bars, and a choice of high strength steel suspension setups, the Arocs is designed to perform off road, whilst coping with the loads imposed by heavy loads. A wide choice of heavy duty axles adds to this – with axle loads up to 9t on front axles and 16t on rear axles available. All Wheel Drive versions are also on offer, and as standard the design weight of the truck is higher - up to 41t on 8x4, 8x6 and 8x8 versions, with options to increase this even higher if required.

The Grounder offers much more than this, as the basis for all extreme duty chassis – whether being fitted with very large loading cranes, concrete pumps, excavation equipment or even as a Heavy Haulage tractor unit, the Arocs Grounder takes it in its stride.

ThisMercedes truck is perfect for those heavy duty construction jobs when you need a bit of extra muscle to get the job done. Contact Mercedes specialist Northside for mroe information about the Arocs and other Mercedes Benz trucksfor sale.


BigSpace Cabs for Mercedes Trucks

The 2500 mm wide BigSpace cab offers almost 2 metres of headroom and exceptional living and storage space, making it an idealMercedes truckfor long haul drivers to use in comfort.

Providing a comfortable environment for long periods away from home in applications with an on-road bias, the BigSpace cab offers a home from home. A wide range of options are available to aid productivity and safety, whilst retaining the same ergonomic yet rugged design as the smaller cabs in the range.

There are many cab options available for Mercedes trucks, contact Northside today for mroe information on any of them. Northside have years of experience dealing with Mercedes and areMercedes Benz specialists

StreamSpace Cabs for Mercedes Trucks

Designed with comfort and economy in mind, the StreamSpace cabs make the most of their aerodynamic shape. Available in two widths – 2500mm wide with a flat floor, or 2300mm wide with 320mm or 170 mm engine tunnel and also available with a flat floor, unique to Mercedes-Benz in a 2300 mm wide package.

Providing the same easy access and layout as the ClassicSpace cabs, the StreamSpace cab also offers a large amount of space – both for living and storage, laid out in a way that is intelligent in design and very usable. The cab offers increased comfort and offering the option of two beds if required along with a wide range of options to make the cab feel like home, making all versions ideal for longer stays away from home, and the larger versions ideal for applications with an on-road bias.

As an option, the StreamSpace cab with 170 mm engine tunnel is also available factory fitted with a second row of seats – ideal for driver training or where a larger crew is required to ride in the vehicle.

For more information on the cab options available for ourMercedes trucks contact Mercedes specialistNorthside today.

ClassicSpace Cabs for Mercedes Trucks

Available as S-, M- and L-Cabs with engine tunnels of 320 mm and 170 mm, plus an L-Cab version withflat floor, the ClassicSpace cabs are characterised by easy access, compact exterior dimensions and excellent visibility. The standard roof height provides an excellent working environment whilst retaining alow overall vehicle height, and allows access to the tightest of spaces.

The ClassicSpace cabs are also our lightest weight cabs for Mercedes trucks, offering the optimum configuration for payloadcritical applications throughout the construction industry.

The M-Cab version offers large storage lockers behind the seats to give even more flexibility, and there is the option of a fold-down bunk, ideal for operations that may involve long waiting times, or for occasional overnight use.

For more regular use, or for increased comfort, the L-Cab versions offer a choice of full sized beds and increased storage space. Unique to Mercedes-Benz, the flat-floor version offers easy cross-cab access along with a commanding view of the road ahead, whether that's on- or off-road.

As an option, the ClassicSpace L-Cab with 170 mm engine tunnel is also available factory fitted with a second row of seats – ideal for driver training or where a larger crew is required to ride in the vehicle

Northside are experts inMercedes Benz servicing and are availabal to source Mercedes truck partsfor most vehicles, contact us today to find out what we can do to keep yout truck running perfectly.

CompactSpace Cabs for Mercedes Trucks

Available with engine tunnels of both 320 mm and 170 mm the CompactSpace M-cabs are characterised by their low roof and minimal overall height, offering maximum flexibility for many mission-specific operations, and ideal for concrete pumps. Along with this, they offer easy access, high levels of interior comfort and excellent visibility, with the option of a fold down occasional bunk where required.  

This cab is ideal for use on mercedes trucks where the distance may not be too great and still allow the driver to travel in comfort. The fold down bunk allows the driver of the vehicle to rest in comfort on the longer journseys whilst also being functional whilst on the road. 

See Northside for more deals onMercedes Benz trucks, we are Mercedes specialistswith many years of experience with Mercedes vehicles, including servicing and providing parts and spares.



All of the seats in the ArocsMercedes truckoffer optimum driver comfort, with a 40 mm wider seat, increased adjustment range and a wide range of finishes available. Whether the seat selected is a rugged man-made leather, durable cloth, smooth velour or luxurious leather, you can be sure that the Arocs seats will support you throughout the working day.

Forn more information about the seating options for our Mercedes trucks or to discuss other options, contactMercedes specilaistNorthside today.

Ergonomic Workstation

Practical workstation, fountain of information and command centre in one – centred round the driver; the main vehicle functions are controlled using the multifunction steering wheel.

The ergonomic workstation being integrated into many Mercedes trucks uses the righ-hand steering column to operate the gearshift whilst all other elements of control such as the radio and stowage facility are position ergonomically to make it easy for the driver to operate them.

For more information on the ergonomic workstation or to enquire about Mercedes trucks or Mercedes Benz servicing, contact Mercedes specialist Northside.


Intelligent storage throughout, the Arocs offers space for the essentials of life - both on the road and on site. The cab offers a voyage of discovery, with numerous spaces to keep everything from boots to bottles. M- and L-Cabs offer the option of lockers accessible from outside the cab too, ideal for dirty items that are better kept out of the working area.

These storage options are perfectly suited to the design of Mercedes trucks and allow the driver and other cabin rew to travel in comfort, especially on longer journeys. For more information about storage options or to discuss the idealMercedes trucks for you contact Mercedes specialistNorthside today.


The Arocs is built to last – and look good whilst doing it. Protection of key components helps it to survive the knocks of daily life. A wide choice is available, from steel protection plates for fuel tanks and radiators to grillesfor the front and rear lights.

ContactMercedes specialistNorthside today to discuss all of our protection products for these Mercedes trucks to make sure they perform to the best of ther iability for as long as possible.

Multi-Function Key

The multi-function key adds to the functions of the remote control key with many features that aid driver comfort, convenience and safety.

This battery recharges when the vehicle is being driven, the key displaying though a 4.6cm TFT display. The ket fofers a range of contriol and monitoring options over many aspects of the vehicle from a range of up to 30, meaning you can keep thisMercedes trucksafe when you're not even in it.

A few examples include:

  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Suspension level control
  • Sound system controls
  • Window and sunroof controls


Power To master every situation.

Power To master every situation.
At the heart of the Arocs Mercedes truckbeats a range of high-torque, fuel efficient Euro VI engines from 240-630 hp, but power is nothing if you can’t get it to the ground. For that, a PowerShift 3 automated transmission is fitted as standard, as are differential locks for when going gets sticky. Power is not just about going though – Stopping power counts too, and with this in mind, a powerful engine brake as standard, plus a choice of disc or drum brakes – Electronically controlled of course bring proceedings to a halt in short order.

Robustness. Making light of heavy loads.
The Arocs offers something essential for the construction industry – the ability to carry out the hardest tasks, day in, day out – without missing a beat. Reliability has to be a given, and whether as a tipper, mixer or tractor unit, the Arocs provides durability in spades. From the fully galvanised cab to the flexible high strength frame, the design is tough. It’s not just the big things that are tough – details from the flexible cab steps to the rear lamp protectors show that the Arocs is designed not just to cope - but to excel under the toughest conditions.

Efficiency. Making payload pay.
The strength of the Arocs is not just physical, but financial too. A model of productivity from the exceptionally fuel efficient Euro VI engines to the sophisticated aerodynamics, the Arocs delivers more with less. Low chassis weights, extended maintenance intervals and a longer design life all contribute. In addition, the fitment of Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmissions help to reduce fuel consumption and improve cycle times, whilst FleetBoard EcoSupport offers driving tips to make the most of the vehicle – both as standard as part of the Mercedes trucks package.

Product Portfolio. For perfectly matched solutions.
The Arocs Mercedes truck can be tailored to your specific needs in many ways, with a freely selectable modular design. For example, we can offer a range of 14 cabs, medium or high ground clearance, a full range of wheelbases and overhangs, plus many wheel configurations from 4x2 to 8x8, making getting the right vehicle for your job faster and more cost effective.

AsMercedes specialist Northside we have a great selection of Mercedes truck partsand servicing solutions to ensure that your vehicle is running as soon as possible. 

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