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Introducing the new Fuso Canter

Advanced Design

The new Canter features a revised face that combines historical brand cues with a modern design language, connecting form to the functionality of a solid light-duty truck. It also reflects FUSO’s Black Belt design identity, which runs through other vehicles of the Japanese brand’s global product range. The sleek lines of the cabin integrate optional LED headlights and represent a technological and conceptual update after ten years.

Advanced Safety

The new Canter can now be ordered with the advanced safety feature Sideguard Assist®. This detects moving vulnerable road users on the passenger side of the truck through radar sensors. The system emits alerts if it detects any risk of collision when the driver is steering towards the passenger side or has applied the left-turn indicator. The previous model featured Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS); Sideguard Assist now provides further safety support. Other enhancements include optional LED headlights with 30% better visibility, a new Autolight function, and reinforced rear underrun protection that minimises the impact in the event of an accident.

Advanced Comfort

Over the past decades, FUSO has made continuous improvements to its light-duty truck to meet customer needs. Thanks to improved insulation, the new Canter has an impressively low interior noise level. The spacious cab with good all-around visibility allows the driver to manoeuvre easily in the city. The Canter’s low entry height and easy cross-cab access is designed to support truck drivers, especially those engaged in the distribution business.

A FUSO Canter For Every Need

Inside the Canter


Big On Comfort

The Canter is big on comfort, everything is tailored to the driver‘s and co-driver‘s comfort needs. the well-sprung, noise insulated cab makes longer journeys just as pleasant as shorts trips.

The interior is impressively spacious, with room for three people and up to seven in the crew cab.

Everything Within Easy Reach

Ergonomically arranged stowage facilities & LED lighting on the roof provide a neat & tidy interior. The adjustable steering wheel and multi-function Levers can be positioned according to the drivers individual height, ensuring everything is in easy reach.

If you're involved in delivery work and have to get in and out frequently, you'll appreciate the low entrance, which only has one step.

Big On Practical Benefits

Its functional operating system makes work as easy and comfortable as possible. From automatic or manual air conditioning to standard-specification Eco Mode and Hill Start Assist.

All technical refinements within the system are deployed by clearly marked, easy-to-use controls.

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