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The vehicle for municipal operations, the Econic has been refined in all aspects to best support the multiple demands that come from operating in highly dense, urban environments.

Mercedes-Benz has encapsulated the full operational requirements including non-compromising safety requirements with a protective body casing, high-performance braking, optimum field of vision and easy vehicle access. Performance and handling, as provided through short wheelbase, low frame and refined suspension. Minimal noise and pollutant output thanks to a sophisticated cab and engine design.

Bodybuilding options and huge, allowing the Econic to be quickly and cost-effectively built as tippers, tipper-grabs, skip-loaders, mixers and much much more.

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Highly economical, the Econic Euro VI engine adheres to all current emission standards for exhaust emissions of NOX and other pollutants.  Output demonstrates a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 4% compared to predecessor models and AdBlue consumption is lowered by 40%. Engine available with a choice of 3 power outputs 220kW (299hp) or 260kW (354hp). Manufactured for municipal operations, the quiet engine works in awareness of noise pollution regulations. 



The Econic is equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission offering lower gear ratios for improved control and fuel economy. The Allison 6-speed automatic transmission meets the needs of specialist applications with wear-free starting, low speed creep ability, lock-up clutch for excellent fuel consumption and high torque PTOs.



Powerful premium engine brake with optional retarder offer additional control and safety functions. The leading axle is fitted with powerful brake discs as standard, also provided on the rear axle with additional differential lock for improved traction and handling.



The Econic’s offers electro-hydraulically controlled steered and relievable trailing and leading axles. The dropped beam front axle offers an 8.0 tonne load capacity and the rear axle is a 13-tonne hub reduction axle. The Econics safety system includes an axle load indicator which provides the user with daily support, constantly monitoring the current vehicle load and overload. 

Two or three-axle chassis available. 



As standard, the Econic comes with air suspension all around providing a smooth journey and great stability, this is further heightened with the vehicles low frame. The height-adjustable air suspension (+160 mm and -50 mm) with a lifting and lowering function is applied on all axles. The range of adjustment is lowering of 60 mm and raising of up to 200 mm.

Body Building

Northside Truck and Van work closely with Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks to deliver special, detailed tailored vehicles direct to door from factory. The provision for custom bodybuilding on the Econic is huge thanks to a host of bodybuilding features, improved arrangements and cab communications. The low frame is equipped with a full-length hole pattern at 50 mm intervals and across four rows, with a removable rear cross member allowing for a high feature access.

Cab wiring has been optimised for improved communications from the vehicle to body. Wiring for the bodies can be installed through an empty pipe leading from the frame into the cab and a new "Plug & Play" interface makes the connecting very easy.


Mercedes-Benz has spent 150 years refining their safety technologies so that you can be assured your vehicle does all it can to prevent accidents and minimise damage. With the Econic, you are provided with a lightweight aluminium space frame which complies with the standard of European Crash test standard ECE R29/2; giving the occupants the very best protection. 
Risk on embarkment and disembarkment is reduced by the provision of side loading doors and through cab access allowing access from the path and not from the road.  The folding doors open to the inside to prevent incidents with other road users. Thanks to the vehicles low frame, access is provided in just 2 steps, easing access. 
Inside the vehicle, Is a large panoramic window with visual aids for optimum visibility. The extensive mirror systems include upward-facing wide-angle rear view mirror with the main mirror below which in collaboration expand the field of vision to include work areas and blind spots. Electrically operated sunblind, preventing glare.  


High and low cab variants available to suit a wide variety of operations and job specifications. The high cab provides ample space and overhead lockers for securely store equipment and tools. The low roof version, which is 450mm lower, is available for when low access areas are a part of the vehicles running area.  Both versions give low entry with a flat floor and seating for up to four crew members. 


  • Electronic Stability Program
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Electronic Braking System
  • Acceleration Skid Control 
  • Allison 6-speed automatic transmission
  • The CD radio with  Bluetooth hands-free system
  • Interior light with dimming function
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • New instrument cluster with flat screen and video function, display of driver information system and axle load
  • Basic pre-wiring is also in place for the subsequent installation of an additional screen that displays images from the vehicle body camera (if available).


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