The new Mercedes-Benz Actros


A truck ahead of its time, the new Actros brings fuel-saving vehicle technology, lower costs and higher profitability. Low fuel consumption is a crucial contributory factor to economic efficiency. This is a virtue that the new Actros demonstrates in daily use, it meets the continually growing demands in long-distance and heavy-duty distribution haulage with the latest technology, comfort & reliability. Backed up by Mercedes-Benz after care.

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The interior of the new Actros meets the highest standards for driving and living comfort & ergonomics, in designing the cab the emphasis was placed firmly on the driver's needs.

  • Full heating & air conditioning systems
  • LED ambient lighting
  • Large interior storage compartments
  • Under bed storage
  • 7-zone comfort mattress


The new Actros now boasts additional fuel savings of up to 3% on the motorway and up to 5% on A and B roads. This results from further optimisation of the drivetrain and aerodynamics as well as from enhanced Predictive Powertrain Control, which is now also able to contribute to fuel savings on A and B roads and motorways.

  • Economical, reliable Euro VI engines in four displacement classes
  • Finely coordinated drivetrain configurations with 12-speed automated gearshift and optimised final-drive ratio
  • Fuel-saving drive programs
  • Further optimised, sophisticated aerodynamics
  • Fuel-efficient auxiliary consumers

Actros Predictive Powertrain Control

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The system integrates a driving style optimised for the route topography into the operation of the automatic transmission and, in conjunction with the precisely coordinated shift strategy, allows fuel savings of up to 5% to be achieved. The new extended functions of Predictive Powertrain Control now enable use of the system's benefits on A and B roads, too. In addition to the satellite-based positioning system and precise 3D maps, Predictive Powertrain Control also uses the Traffic Sign Assist feature.

Automated anticipatory driving

On a steep hill, ahead of a hilltop, coasting down a hill, in dips or on the flat – Predictive Powertrain Control recognises impending driving situations in good time and takes anticipatory action. To this end, Predictive Powertrain Control continually monitors the vehicle's kinetic energy and uses it ahead of hilltops or on the flat for EcoRoll phases. This reduces engine drag losses and saves fuel. The system also adapts shift sequences to the impending driving situation, applying less gear changes and larger gear steps. This also helps to reduce fuel consumption.

New MirrorCam Technology

Active Brake Assist

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What our customers said

The Actros is industry leading not only with its technological advancements, but also with its fuel saving capabilities and stunning design. So we found out exactly what one of our customers, Dale Hinkles of THT Transport, thought of the latest model and what benefits it will bring to his business.