Electrifying the Future: Cumberland Comms leap into Electric Mobility with two eSprinter Vans from Hull's Northside Truck & Van

Harnessing the Power of Electric: A Strategic Move by Cumberland Comms.

Cumberland Comms LTD, an established telecommunications company, has invested in two electric eSprinter vans from the Hull Northside Truck & Van dealership, courtesy of Northside's Jon Hanson.

The company's recent investment in two used electric eSprinter vans represents a strategic business decision and a commitment to a greener future.

This move, spearheaded by Managing Director Rich Powell and Transport Manager Duane Harrison, marks a significant milestone in the company's journey towards sustainability and innovation.

Using Northside's Mercedes-Benz Approved Used Vans Programme, Cumberland Comms were able to reap the benefits of the programme, including:

  • All Northside's Approved Used Vans have less than 150,000 on the clock.
  • Up to 24 months warranty.
  • Every single Mercedes-Benz Approved Used will be no older than six years.
  • MOT test failure cover.
  • FREE 24/7 breakdown cover and roadside assistance.
  • 7-Day complementary driveaway van insurance.
  • Minimum three months MOT
  • Discounted servicing plan

Why eSprinters? A Decision Driven by Affordability and Eco-Friendly Policies

Rich Powell, managing director of Cumberland Comms, didn't take the decision lightly. He researched electric vans and their costs and used his experiences of owning an electric vehicle to proceed with the move. With approximately 3,000 miles on the clock, these vans offered the allure of being practically new, aligning perfectly with Cumberland's environmental policies and budgetary considerations.

Local Operations, Global Impact

Operating primarily in Hull, these eSprinters are set to cover 50 – 60 miles daily, a testament to their efficiency and the company's commitment to local operations. The convenience of overnight charging at the depot will be facilitated by installing 7kWh chargers. The advanced pre-condition feature on the Mercedes me Connect includes programming the heating for those cold mornings, and the range left on the vehicle and the range to the nearest charging station are all through the app.

A Nod to Innovation: Unique Decals and Driver Satisfaction

The eSprinters are uniquely named to honour their electric nature and have a clever twist in their decals. The vans are called 'Sherlock Ohms and Wattson' after the fictional detective and his assistant, but with an electric-inspired twist. The traditional blue elements of Cumberland's branding are imaginatively replaced with green on these vans, visually representing the company's shift towards eco-friendliness.

The Driver Experience: Comfort and Ease

The drivers for Cumberland Comms have praised the vans for the ease of the automatic gearbox, quiet operation, and enhanced comfort compared to their diesel counterparts.

Driving into a Sustainable Future

Cumberland Comms LTD's strategic investment in eSprinter vans from Northside Truck & Van in Hull is more than just an addition to their fleet. It's a bold statement of their commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and technological advancement. As they continue to navigate the telecommunications landscape, their embrace of electric mobility positions them as a beacon of innovation and environmental stewardship.