FUSO Genuine Accessories offer a diverse range of options to enhance your Canter experience, providing increased comfort, safety, and driving pleasure. These accessories can be customized according to your individual preferences and requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. Specifically designed for the Canter TF, our genuine accessories and retrofit solutions improve the vehicle's appearance, driving comfort, and functionality.

For personalized advice or any inquiries regarding products, technical details, or pricing, our knowledgeable FUSO dealers are available to assist you.

Interior Accessories:

  • FUSO SEAT COVER – VINYL, GREY/BLACK: This seat cover protects your Canter's interior from wear and dirt. It prolongs the lifespan of the seats and adds value to your truck by giving it a high-quality appearance. The "VINYL" variant offers excellent dirt, oil, and stain resistance, making it ideal for drivers working in construction or gardening environments.
  • FUSO SUNSHADE: Our sunshades provide optimal protection for your Canter's cabin, preventing it from getting too hot when parked under the sun.
  • FUSO FLOOR MAT – RUBBER: Made from durable and stain-resistant natural rubber, these custom-fit floor mats are designed for easy installation and removal, ensuring optimal cleaning conditions.
  • FUSO FLOOR MAT – TEXTILE: Crafted from high-quality Velour, these antiskid floor mats cover the entire floor area of your Canter, adding a touch of luxury while offering functionality.
  • FUSO SEAT COVER – ALCANTA + VINYL, GREY/BLACK: This seat cover combines the advantages of both materials, protecting your interior against wear and grime. Synthetic leather in the entry area of the seat ensures added durability, especially during frequent driver entry and exit.
  • FUSO SEAT COVER – ALCANTA, GREY/BLACK: Enhance the appearance of your truck with this elegant seat cover, which protects against wear and grime while maintaining the value of your Canter. Features like the integrated desk on the double co-driver seat offer maximum comfort without compromising functionality.
  • FUSO REAR WINDOW CURTAIN: Preserve your privacy during breaks with this rear window curtain.
  • FUSO REAR VIEW CAMERA: This high-performance camera system ensures clear vision and enhanced safety. Equipped with a microphone, it increases awareness behind the vehicle. The monitor screen automatically adjusts its color for better visibility at night. The camera is waterproof and compatible with both 12V and 24V systems, meeting strict HQ specifications and testing requirements. The monitor has a resolution of 800x480x3 (RGB).

Exterior Accessories

  • FUSO MUD GUARD: The FUSO Mud Guards provide protection for the vehicle, passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians by preventing mud and debris from being thrown into the air by the rotating tires.
  • FUSO ROOF SPOILER: The FUSO Roof Spoiler, also known as the Drag Foiler, is installed on the cabin roof. Particularly beneficial for box bodies, it reduces fuel consumption by up to 5% and minimizes wind noises during driving.
  • FUSO WIND DEFLECTOR: The FUSO Wind Deflector ensures a draught-free driving experience, even with the windows open, by redirecting airflow around the vehicle.
  • FUSO CHROME COVER: The FUSO Chrome parts offer maximum personalization for your FUSO Canter. The Chrome Cover Front, Chrome Cover Edge, and Chrome Cover Grill comprise this three-component set, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.
  • FUSO WARNING TRIANGLE: The FUSO Warning Triangle is a safety item that proves valuable in emergency and unforeseen situations. Designed according to ECE regulations, it is easy to carry or install in your truck. In some countries, equipping the truck with one or two warning triangles is mandatory. The triangle is supplied in a protective box.
  • FUSO TAILGATE PROTECTOR: The FUSO Tailgate Protector provides added durability to your Canter's tailgate, safeguarding it against scratches, dings, and rust. This six-piece part, measuring 40mm x 1900mm, ensures reliable protection and preservation.
  • FUSO Genuine Accessories are designed to cater to your unique needs, adding convenience, style, and functionality to your Canter. Reach out to your local FUSO dealer for further information and assistance.


  • FUSO Genuine Accessories are designed to cater to your unique needs, adding convenience, style, and functionality to your Canter. Reach out to your local FUSO dealer for further information and assistance.
  • FUSO FUEL TANK: The FUSO 100L Fuel Tank, installed on the right side of the chassis frame, offers an upgrade from the standard 70L tank. This spare fuel tank increases your driving range, serving as an additional tank alongside the 100L fuel tank and extending your vehicle's range.
  • FUSO BLANK SWITCH: The FUSO Blank Switch allows for versatile customization based on your specific needs. Designed to match the original interior design, it can be seamlessly integrated vertically on the dashboard, providing 12V support.
  • FUSO FINAL GEAR RATIO: The FUSO Final Gear is available in various ratios, enabling optimal propulsion by matching the axle ratio to your specific transport requirements. The FUSO Final Gear with Limited Slip Differential, also available in different ratios, provides ideal propulsion while preventing single-wheel spin, ensuring enhanced performance.
  • FUSO POWER TAKE OFF: The "BEZARES" PTO NQ7 (31kW) is utilized to directly drive connected hydraulic pumps. Equipped with vacuum and pneumatic circuits, it is conveniently installed on the left side of the gearbox.
  • FUSO CAB BACK ENGINE CONTROL: The FUSO Cab Back Engine Control is responsible for adjusting the engine rotation speed and Power Take Off (PTO) speed. It facilitates engine operations outside the cabin of the vehicle.#
  • FUSO COUPLING DEVICE: The FUSO Coupling Device consists of two components:
    Rear Bumper: Provides the necessary structure for coupling purposes.
    Electronic Kit: An electronic kit (E-Kit) is available separately. Coupling ball not included.
  • FUSO REAR BODY MOUNTING BRACKET: The FUSO Rear Body Mounting Bracket simplifies the process of mounting bodies to the chassis, reducing time and effort required for installation or body changes. Additionally, it enables body mounting without the need for drilling on the frame. The attachment hole located on the top of the frame ensures easier fitting of the rear body.